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Stand Firm

by Karen Wingate


“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world”

(1 John 4:4, NIV).


Some would call it a bad week. A mild heart attack hospitalized my sister. I stepped in to care for my mother who suffers from dementia. My husband had an MRI that might reveal a life-threatening issue. And my washing machine broke. Did I mention I faced a tight contract deadline for a book and my daughter planned to leave that week for overseas ministry?

While I can’t prove these as spiritual attacks, years of writing ministry have heightened my awareness. Writing for Jesus draws retaliation from the enemy, particularly when addressing certain topics. In my despair over a week gone awry, I prayed three things. I realized these served as good prayers to pray any time I face opposition and obstacles to my writing.

“Deliver me from the Evil One.”

“Show that you are stronger than Satan.”

“Keep me stronger than the situations I face.”

Nineteen times, New Testament writers encourage Christ followers to stand firm in their faith. We can do that, not letting a coalescence of crises deter us from finishing the work God has given us to do, because God is greater than any force we face. 1 John states, “the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world,” in the context of explaining we don’t belong to this world. We are from God. We can overcome opposing voices and destructive situations because we have the power of God within us (see 1 John 4:3-5).

My bad week? My sister’s heart catheterization revealed no blockages, my husband’s MRI showed nothing serious, and we found a washing machine on clearance. God gave me the serenity and patience to overlook my mother’s cantankerous comments. Those chaotic situations turned into stories of praise.

If situations and accusations of inadequacy deter you from writing, seek God’s involvement. Pray for God to deliver you and reveal his omnipotence over the destructive forces you face. In the meantime, ask Jesus to sustain you spiritually so you can keep serving him.


Lord, help me persevere when times get tough. Through your strength, help me stand firm so I don’t falter in what you have put before me to write. Amen.


Karen Wingate is author of the award-winning book, With Fresh Eyes and often speaks to groups about the miraculous gift of new eyesight God gave her in the middle of her life. She is part of the Proverbs 31 Encouragement for Today devotion team and blogs regularly at www.karenwingate.com. Karen lives with her retired husband in Arizona.

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  1. Karen, I can so relate to your message to Stand Firm in the Lord. I’ve had a heavy week with much to accomplish in my Helping Hands and Grateful Hearts ministry. Praise God that all was accomplished by the end of the week, today. I asked the Lord to sustain me during the heavy workload, and I woke up today with such a peace. Then this morning I read a scathing text to be by a Christian lady, and my response was having total peace again with the Holy Spirit. Had I not been abiding in Christ this week and praying for strength and endurance, and all the ladies that pray for me, I could have been a wreck. But my Lord is faithful to His promises in the scriptures. Thank you for sharing and encouarging me. I continue to pray for you and your ministries.

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