Restore My Joy

by Sharron K. Cosby

“Restore to me the joy of your salvation  and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me”

(Psalm 51:12, NIV).


The pulsing cursor on my laptop screen mocks me with each flashing vertical line. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? The cursor seems to taunt me like a metronome counting out the beats in a measure. No words. No words.

My job requires much writing—emails, investigative interview questions, executive summaries, memorandums, and all manner of word-centered projects. By the end of a workday, drafting creative, inspirational work seems unappealing.

As a result, my writing has taken a hit and procrastination has left me with at least two uncompleted manuscripts. The projects should have been finished months, if not years, ago, but the “get up and go” to write has, as they say, “got up and went.”

The psalmist David experienced a loss of motivation, too. He asked God to restore the joy of his salvation. The exuberance of the life-changing touch of God. David’s sins had driven a wedge between him and God, leaving him in a darkened state of mind.

As a Christian writer, what must I do to restore the joy and desire to write for the Kingdom and not just for my employer? If I align my steps with David’s path, I can begin by confessing any sin that could block my fellowship with God. Second, I choose to carve out time to spend in God’s Word. Then, I may set aside time to complete my projects.

David also prayed for a willing spirit. The kind of spirit that stays committed to obeying God’s teachings. This state of mind remains prepared to tackle the tasks God has for us. Willingness of spirit flows as a by-product of joy in the Lord. Because of the salvation we’ve received, we joyfully follow God’s path for our lives.

Let us search our souls with a Psalm-centered question. Are we ready, desperate enough, to pray for God’s restoration of joy and a willing spirit?


Father of Restoration, thank you for answering our prayers to restore joy and hope. Thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to renew us and sustain us, to equip us to follow your will. Amen.


Sharron Cosby is a proud Alabama native transplanted to the sands of Florida. She is an award-winning author and loves speaking about her family’s journey through addiction and other hope-filled topics. Her book, Praying for Your Addicted Loved One: 90 in 90, is a devotional for families who love an addict. Connect with Sharron at

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  1. I always love to read your writing, Sharron. So glad you’re still serving God and people with your ministry.

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