Remember Your Rest by Donna Mumma

Remember Your Rest

by Donna Mumma

“And on the seventh day, God ended his work which he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done”

(Genesis 2:2, NKJV).

Throughout middle and high school, my favorite class rendered me a band geek. Many of the principles taught to music students of music have marvelous applications that go far beyond the notes on the page. We must do simple things, like listen to those sitting around us, not rush the tempo, watch our dynamics, and practice daily.

One band director drilled us not to forget our rests. “Miss one of those and everybody knows you didn’t take time to pay attention.”

Those little curly cues written into the composition tell a musician to stop playing for a specific amount of time for a reason. Running over a rest, as he called it, could ruin an entire song.

The same goes with our writing lives. We get caught up in meeting deadlines, growing platforms, expanding our network, and making the most of every opportunity because we think we have to. Then real-life hits with something unexpected and our half-full tanks quickly drain.

But we must push on because that’s what writers should do, right?


Just as my band director warned, noticeable consequences follow ignoring those rests. Creativity dries up. The message we feel called to share eludes us. Burnout depletes us, and writer’s block plagues our days. We struggle against physical and mental exhaustion.

This verse from Genesis reminds us that God elevates rest as an essential part of a healthy life. Our bodies and our minds require time to relax, refresh, and refuel.

Musicians follow the composer’s directions, and we too must follow what the master composer laid out in this verse. When you come upon a rest along this song of life, don’t run through it. Take it. He knew you’d need it.

Dear heavenly father, help us to not feel obligated by all that comes our way as writers and push ourselves further than we should. Help us to embrace those times when we need to rest and refuel, so we may be able to meet this call you have placed on our lives. Amen.


Donna Mumma HeadshotDonna Mumma has been writing since age eight.  She has won awards for speculative and women’s fiction as well as devotions. An avid believer in education, she holds a BAE and M.Ed. in Elementary Education. She serves as a chapter mentor for Word Weavers International and has published an article for the International School Project . Donna now lives on the West Coast of Florida with her family and one energetic collie named Duke. Her favorite things are faith, family, alligators, a warm cup of tea, and sunflowers. Connect with her at

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  1. I loved your devotion! After breaking my hip and hurting my back, God is giving me a period of rest from physical work. Thanks for reminding me that I shouldn’t feel guilty. I know God has a reason.

    1. Donna Mumma says:

      Oh my goodness Jody! Praying your healing is going well and quickly. Yes, you definitely need to take your rest. Take care of yourself for sure!!

  2. Diana Derringer says:

    Thanks for this vital reminder, Donna.

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