Deer with tongue hanging out

A Deer Writer’s Heart

by Sharron K. Cosby

“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God”  

(Psalm 42:1, NIV).

My daughter sat alone in a deer stand, for hours on end, waiting and watching for the “big one.” She studied field cameras to discern areas of the property onto which a buck might wander. Her patience, preparation, and tenacity paid off when she dropped a fourteen-point buck, the largest in the area’s recent history. News of her success drew congratulations and probably some envy from local hunters. Men at the processing store ran out to see the amazing animal, taking photographs for their website and bulletin board.

She longed for the deer. The one to be mounted and displayed in her home. The one that would satisfy the desire of her hunter’s heart.

The psalmist compares a deer’s longing for water to his soul’s longing for living water. Imagine a deer tramping through woods dodging predators. He jumps around bushes and trees, continuously in motion. Exhaustion wracks his body and then he comes upon a stream. Lungs heaving for air, throat parched, he warily approaches the cool water, dips his head, and laps. Thirst satiated.

As writers, we sit in figurative deer stands: home office, couch, or coffee shop table. We’re cocooned as we string words together, hoping to craft the one that will catch an agent or publisher’s eye. The one that will satisfy our readers’ longings.

Like the deer, we sidestep distractions determined to keep us from our goals. Overwhelmed schedules, sickness, finances. But the compulsion of imparting God’s message to a thirsty world keeps us in our stand, pecking out each word.

As we sit in our writing space, do we long for God’s presence as fervently as we long for acceptance of our work?

In the quiet of the writing stand, the answer will come.


Father, in the flurry of busyness or in the silence of seclusion, thank you for the living water that quenches our thirsty souls. May we always long for your refreshing Word. Amen.


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Sharron Cosby is a proud Alabama native transplanted to the sands of Florida. She is an award-winning author and loves speaking about her family’s journey through addiction and other hope-filled topics. Her book, Praying for Your Addicted Loved One: 90 in 90, is a devotional for families who love an addict. Connect with Sharron at

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