Tomorrow’s Writing Priority Principle

by TonyaAnn Pember


“Therefore see that you walk carefully (living life with honor, purpose and courage; shunning those who tolerate and enable evil), not as the unwise, but as wise (sensible, intelligent, discerning people), making the most of your time on earth (on earth recognizing and taking advantage of each opportunity and using it with wisdom and diligence), because the days are (filled with) evil”

(Ephesians 5:15-16, AMP).


I stumbled onto a blog post by Austin Kleon entitled, Would I do it Tomorrow? To control his schedule, he adopted an interesting procedure. He asked himself if he would drop everything to honor a request, task, or opportunity tomorrow. An affirmative answer put the event on his calendar. A negative response made him reconsider.

I scrutinized my planner for the previous week and found only two of sixteen entries that I would have dropped everything to do. Two things were necessary, like an oil change. I also started research on three pieces, drafted two, and finished nothing.

I struggle to discern which projects deserve my time. I have a long list of opportunities for webinars, newsletters, reading, and exercises. Which activities should I deem worthy of the limited space on my schedule?

Kleon’s advice seems especially applicable to the life of a believer. We can consider opportunities in the light of eternity and bathe the decisions in prayer.  If we evaluated every choice with eternity in view, our schedules would change.  Is that project worthy of time tomorrow?  Would I move plans to accommodate that invitation tomorrow? Is it worth cancelling my day to do this tomorrow? Can I drop everything for this?

Patricia Durgin with Marketing on a Mission maintains that we have time to do what GOD has called us to do.

A writer friend was lamenting about her schedule. She told her daughter one too many times, “My plate is just too full.”

Her daughter responded, “Who filled your plate?”

I will remember who and what deserves top priority before taking the next helping of opportunities.

God, I stop and rest in your presence. Cleanse my cluttered mind, clear my cluttered spirit, and let me hear your heart for my writing.  I am not promised tomorrow so it is imperative that I choose my tasks today wisely.  Give me clarity in your schedule for my life.  Amen.


TonyaAnn Pember headshotTonyaAnn is the author of Inside Story: 52 Weeks in the Word, a genre Bible reading plan with historical and cultural notes.  She writes for The Old Schoolhouse,  Chicken Soup for the Soul,  Power for Living, and CBN among others. An Oklahoma teacher, she frequently ‘guest teaches’ in her Colorado retirement. Learn more about her or TonyaAnnWriter @ Facebook/Instagram

One thought on “Tomorrow’s Writing Priority Principle by TonyaAnn Pember”

  1. Tonya-Ann, thank you for this timely message about evaluating what is on our plates, and what is important. Yes Lord! Clean the clutter and let me see clearly your plans for me this year. ~Linda Carter, Author

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