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Recalculating my Writer’s Journey this Year

by Tina Yeager

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom”

(Psalm 90:12, NIV).

Creation kindles awe in my soul. The universe, in its original perfection and splendor, manifested from the lips of God. I marvel often at my calling to serve Christ, the creative word himself, with written art. The work draws me into intimate, divine spaces when the Holy Spirit anoints me to draft new phrases onto a blank page. Spirit and fingertips partner to craft inspiration. As we focus together on the eternal, my sense of the temporal fades.

Yet my mortal dust inevitably reminds me of my scarcity in this life’s hourglass. Deadlines, expenses, platform size, and a pack of issues hunt for prime space among my thoughts. Though I cannot escape them, numbers seem at war with creativity.

I pray for the Lord to help me reclaim space on my calendar for those anointed moments. My complaints pour out before him regarding the conflict between the countable and creative. The Lord encourages me to allow him to dwell in all spheres of my thought.

The same Creator who painted the gardens, skies, and ocean reefs also engineered their mathematical and temporal design. Christ coded the nautilus shell before Fibonacci named the sequence. The Lord set subatomic particles in motion before science charted the elements on a periodic table. I worry over my numbers when I fail to acknowledge God’s creative power over the temporal and the eternal.

This year, I plan to invite Jesus into all the dimensions of my writer’s journey. The Creator and Redeemer of the universe can rewrite my schedule, budget, and craft to serve him well. I’m grateful for this new beginning with the Word and Engineer designing my life.


Creator, thank you for redeeming my mind and life. I’m so grateful for this call to serve you with words. Please guide the work of my hands and the steps of my creative journey. Help me to honor you and fulfill your will in every moment, with every thought. Amen.


Tina Yeager
Tina Yeager

Award-winning author, speaker, and life coach, Tina hosts the Flourish-Meant podcast a YouTube channel, and the Flourish Today radio show. She serves on the marketing team for STRUCK the Series Streaming TV show and as Director of Traditional Groups with Word Weavers International. Look for her books, Beautiful Warrior (Iron Stream Media) and Upcycled: Crafted for a Purpose (Bold Vision Books). To connect with her for creative journey mapping, purpose coaching, and more, visit tinayeager.com.

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