Activated Faith by Brenda Fink

Activated Faith

by Brenda Fink

“There were two blind men sitting by the road. When they heard that Jesus was passing by, they cried out, ‘Lord, have mercy on us, Son of David!’” 

(Matthew 20:30, CSB).


As Jesus approached Jericho, he heard two blind men by the roadside call out for mercy. Moved with compassion, he restored their sight. For me, the power of their story lies in this basic truth: activating my faith moves me off the sidelines and brings moments of victory.

Many of us have spent time on the side of the road like the two blind men. We’ve faced moments when we stepped aside by choice or were pushed aside by others. Either way, our progress came to a halt.

Our writing journey serves as no exception to this scenario. Sometimes we reach an impasse and we’re forced to move off the path. For example, we might face writer’s block or rejection letters and struggle to see our way forward. Yet Jesus remains within earshot. We don’t have to stay in a stalemate pattern. We can choose to activate our faith and call out to him. Activated faith moves us into victory by denying the obstacle its right to govern our future actions.

The two blind men received victory over physical blindness when Jesus healed them and over spiritual darkness when they chose to follow him. A writer’s victory might involve the Lord helping us focus when distractions hinder our progress. Or learning to step around obstacles and keep moving forward. Sometimes victory means sitting down in front of our computer and putting a few phrases on paper. Victory looks different for each of us, but it begins with calling out to Jesus.

Seeking Jesus brings his life to our veins, his ink to our pens. We trust him to give the words that find their way to the page. Prayerfully, the words then make their way to the heart of a reader and perhaps, help another struggling soul move from the side of the road.

Jesus, I ask you to guide my writing each day. When obstructions push me aside, help me to seek you. Teach me to activate my faith in difficult times, knowing you’re faithful to direct my path.  Amen.


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Brenda Fink is the Founder and President of Glory Releasers ministry, an organization dedicated to deepening the awareness of God’s presence through writing and teaching. She is the author of Mysteries of the Dark, Delving into the Hidden Treasures of the Secret Place and the devotional journal, Transitioning from Famine to Fruitfulness, A 30-Day Journey into Fresh Hope. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting and writing poetry.

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  1. Jan says:

    Brenda, I just love the words that you shared in your devotional. Such great insight and such encouragement.

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