Truth Be Told

by Michael L. Anderson

We will not hide them from their children, shewing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he hath done”

(Psalm 78:4, KJV).

Hollywood prepared to film a documentary, Eighty Years After Pearl Harbor, in December 2021. Media hoopla involved interviewing the few remaining U.S. Navy seamen and officers who served during the attack in 1941.

Ambitious journalists, eager to tell their own version of what happened, would vie to complete the veterans’ statements. The aged sailors, with labored speech, tried to politely interrupt, “That’s not quite like it happened. What really happened was…” But rookie reporters often turned their backs to the sailors and towards the cameras continuing their own expository. They disregarded the words of the servicemen who desperately wanted to share their truths about what really took place at Pearl Harbor that infamous December morning.

Few survivors of the Pearl Harbor bombing remain. All other veterans of the attack have left this world with portions of their truth left behind. Who will keep our future U.S. history books honest?

“Multitudes” of people knew Jesus in the flesh. They saw him perform miracles and heard his words. Hundreds of people saw Jesus in human form even after his resurrection.

Seventy years after Jesus’ crucifixion, men and women who knew Jesus as a man still lived in Israel. One by one, those people died. His words spoken among them could have drifted into undocumented history.  Those Christians who remained had a responsibility to disseminate truth to each generation, to all nations, and beyond.

It’s been said, “Truth becomes legend and legend becomes myth.” As writers, we cannot allow Jesus to fade from memory as a legend or myth under our watch. Our turn has come to carry truth to the next generations through our words. We were born for such a time as this and we have a charge to keep.

Father, instill in me a passion to share with those that come behind me, that they would know your truth, and find my heart and writings faithful. Amen.


Michael L. Anderson has written feature articles for Aspiring Retail, Birding Business, Garden Center, and Mature Living magazines. He has also contributed to numerous published anthologies, and is a past president of the Christian Authors Guild, Inc. In his years in Christian retailing, Michael served with Standard Publishing, the Parable Group, and was owner of New Song Christian Bookstores. He currently serves as Lake County Chapter President of Word Weavers International.

7 thoughts on “Truth Be Told by Michael L. Anderson”

  1. A good reminder, Michael. I look at my writing, along with in-person ministries, as doing my part in fulfilling the great commission. Books can go where I never could as an individual. Thanks for the article.

  2. Amen! Thank you, Mike, for some well-stated facts/truths that deserve to be enshrined unchanged in world history forever.

  3. Michael, I enjoyed your well-written article. Your words inspire us to the share the truth of Christ with more fervor.

  4. A very much appreciated encouragement and timely letter. Well done, well said! And Amen!

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