Gift with pen

The Gift of Writing

by Linda S. Carter

“And when God chooses someone and graciously imparts gifts to him, they are never rescinded. …you can open the door to them to share in and enjoy what God has given to us!”

(Romans 11:29, 31, TPT)



God chose us as his children and followers then added the honor of our writing gift so we can bless others. The privilege of each blessing honors me.

Though we’re often tempted to think of ourselves as ordinary writers, we can instead redeem our self-image in Christ. God calls each of us to write from the context of our identity in Jesus with unique personalities and insights to help spread his message. Each of us has our own special flavor to bring to the world.

The written word reigns as a powerful force.  Almighty God, Creator of the universe, uses the written words of scripture to communicate with us. He inspired others to write his story and has called our generation to join this mission.  We share his message with others through stories, inspiring content, and poetry.


When we write with a kingdom focus our words can touch others in ways that secular writing cannot. Our words carry the anointing of our Father to open doors to others so they can enjoy the gifts God gives to his people.


So be encouraged. We do more than put words on a page. We offer our talents to change lives and invite others to draw closer to our Lord. He gave us each a gift, which he will never rescind. May we carry his message boldly into the mission field.


Thank you, Father, for the gift of writing. Thank you for opening doors to share this gift with others. I pray that all my words would sound sweet to your ear, and that you would continue to give me inspiration to share the kingdom perspective in every work. Amen.


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Linda Carter writes devotional books focused on the lessons and peace found in creation. She is a certified California Naturalist, bringing her love of nature into her writings. She also mentors and teaches women. She is a mother of 1, a grandmother of 6, and is semi-retired, residing in a small mountain community in Northern California.

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