Bee Content in Sowing Words by Tina Yeager

Bee on passion flower

Bee Content in Sowing Words

by Tina Yeager


So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow”

(1 Corinthians 3:7, NIV).


I stir warm berries into my yogurt as I pray over scriptures. The sweet and tart flavors nourish my hunger as my attention drifts to the window. Songbirds glide through dewy, late-blooming foliage. Soon, honeybees will join their aerial ballet. These partners harmonize their labors with the land to bring fruit to my table.

Neither the bird spreading seed nor the bee pollinating its blooms question when this fruit appears. Nor do these stewards of the land doubt the significance of feeding me. Bird, bush, and bee serve the Lord in a glorious orchestra of trust and submission. Each offers itself toward the purpose for which God created it without demanding proof of results.

I long to serve among God’s laborers with such unquestioning submission and trust. Instead of gliding through today’s word-sowing tasks, distractions stall me. I fret over steps meant for agents, publishers, or editors. I also worry about the results of my writing. Will enough hungry souls benefit from this hard-won fruit?

These concerns derail me from focusing on my role as a writer. My Creator designed fellow servants for complementary work. The Lord planned the course of his will from before my birth to beyond my power. Knowing the results and who will benefit exceeds my mortal limitations. Jesus didn’t call me to more than my divine potential. He neither requires me to take on all the work nor predict the outcomes.

God created me to serve as a wordsmith for his pleasure. If I fulfill my purpose in faith instead of fretting, writing will serve as my pleasure, too.

Father, thank you for creating me to serve as a word-bearer. Please guide me to sow my words in faith and accept the partnerships you designed. Remind me to enjoy the process of gliding through this journey with your loving breath under my wings, even when I cannot see its completion. Amen.  

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    Love the last para and prayer. I know better than to fret, but I still do
    Your words today inspired me and reminded me of a forgotten reason why I write… for His pleasure.

  2. tyeager says:

    Thank you for your kind feedback. Michael! It’s such a blessing to hear that the message touched you.

  3. Kim says:

    Tina, this was a wonderful reminder to stick with our calling as wordsmiths, and not to borrow trouble worrying about other aspects of the process. Seeing us fulfill our designed purposes does give our Lord pleasure, and, as you so beautifully pointed out, can do the same for us. What wise guidance for those of us who sweat the other stuff! You inspire me to reach for the joy in observant gratitude. Thank you!

    1. tyeager says:

      Thank you, Kim! I’m so blessed by your thoughtful comments! May the Lord continue to fill your days with inspiration!

  4. Wise words. Thank you.

    1. tyeager says:

      Thank you for reading, Diana! I’m grateful for your participation with Inkspirations Online.

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