Shimmering Embers by Jasmine C. Gatti


Shimmering Embers

by Jasmine C. Gatti


“How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?”

(John 5:44, ESV)


I asked Mrs. Peters to autograph my senior yearbook. My first creative writing teacher scribbled, “I expect you to write great things…”

What did she mean?

Touched yet burdened and puzzled, I buried this writing encouragement and continued my path to a science degree. I rejected Mrs. Peters’ expectations and pursued the safety of numbers, formulas, and facts. They promised a secure future, one that my family had worked long and hard for over wars and continents.

But God did not forget the writing. I soon discovered my university required freshmen to take a creative writing class. God surrounded me with encouraging teaching assistants, professors, and fellow writers who went on to write great things.

But I did not believe I could share their destiny.

I dismissed the urge to write again and again when my children grew independent, I served as a medical professional, and my marriage seasoned over the course of thirty years. Decades after graduation, I found the secure life I sought in science had left my spirit and heart starving for creativity.

Awareness stoked the hidden coals of writing in my soul. At times the embers sparked into a fresh poem.

The growing flame of creativity overtook my hindrances. I set aside my pursuit of human approval and worldly standards. My passion to write overcame fears of success, rejection, and failure. The former barriers could not bury the voice of our Lord who placed a desire to write in me.

We write for his glory, not man’s approval. He calls us to write for him, by him. His is the only voice we need to follow. When we choose obedience, he promises to take care of the outcome.


Lord, surprise and delight me by just letting me focus on you and what you want me to create. Encourage me with your meaning of greatness.


Jasmine Gatti is an author of lay and technical articles, hospice clinician, and speaker about caregiving and medicine (churches, care facilities, panels) educated at Johns Hopkins University and Georgetown U. School of Medicine.  Caregiver to parents, children and dogs and to her husband’s family. She lives in Maryland.  Connect with her at her website,

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  1. I am glad to meet another writer who also serves as a caregiver.

  2. Jasmine says:

    Diana, Thank you and reassuring to know others are serving in so many ways.

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