Picture Window by Gina Napoli

Picture Window

by Gina Napoli


“A discerning person keeps wisdom in view, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth”

(Proverbs 17:24, NIV).


I have a picture window in my office. It’s a clear, plastic cubicle divider that reflects whatever is going on outside. If I crane my neck to look upward when all the dividers in the cubicle rows are stacked together, I can see sky and clouds all the way to the heavens reflecting back at me. But the moment I stand up and look over those dividers, all I see are plain office cubicles. I lose my perfect view.

I also lose my perfect view the moment I stop looking to the Lord to meet my wants and needs. I often think my earthly matters are too trivial for the Lord’s attention. Or I think I only need to turn to him when I can’t handle something all by myself. I pridefully believe I can hide things from the almighty Lord, who sees and knows all. As followers of Jesus, we may become distracted by fool’s errands or petty issues that won’t matter in heaven.

The Lord planned our lives as a story with us as his beloved characters. Only he knows what lies ahead for each of us. When we try to draft our own plot, grab at his pen to write our own story, or try to read ahead in our life’s work in progress, we are dishonoring the almighty author’s point of view.

As a man and the Son of God, Jesus gives us the perfect view of everything a human should be. And God provides us the perfect guidebook through His Word. God knows our flawed human nature and doesn’t expect perfection from us. But he does ask us to TRY to look more like Jesus.

Lord, please gird us with strength when the distractions of the world draw our attention away from you. Help us to keep our eyes on the perfect Word you have revealed to us and talk through us as we share Your Word with our neighbors who have yet to see you. Grant us discernment for what is important to you, and for Your will in our lives. Amen.


Gina Napoli is a professional writer, full-time Mom, Christian, lifelong learner, and author of the book Clunk on the Head: How the Holy Spirit Got Our Attention. Christian publication credits include Pockets, Guardian Angel KidsChristian Devotions, Ruby for Women, The Secret Place, and Abba’s Answers. Over 300 of her pieces appear in 65 different print and electronic venues. http://www.ginanapoli.com

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