26 Letters

by Brenda Fink


You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed”

(Psalm 139:16, NLT).


We are writers. Everything we create is based on how we put the 26 letters of the English language together. How will we combine the letters, forming words that find their way into the reader’s soul?

Think about what awaits creation and whom we can touch by its expression. Consider their joyous smile or tears of regret as the letters play across old memories. Ponder how our choice of letters brings our readers to places of ecstasy or despair.

We are writers.

We write because we must. We write because there is a force within us spurring us on. We write because we know it is part of our destiny.

The Lord knew us before we were born. He knew the days we would sit at the computer typing out our latest manuscript. He also knew we would sit scratching our heads, searching for the right word.

He knew when we would run toward our destiny and when we would pull back from it. He understood that sometimes our thoughts would be focused entirely on him and, at other times, the frantic schedule of churning out the latest project would crowd out quiet time with him.

The Psalmist said every moment of our lives was laid out before him. He knew everything before we were born, and he still set in motion his plan to make us scribes. He pre-determined that we could accomplish something of value for His kingdom.

Thank you, Father, for the gift of writing. Please grow and expand my desire for writing into everything you have marked out for it. Amen.


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Brenda Fink is the Founder and President of Glory Releasers ministry, an organization dedicated to deepening the awareness of God’s presence through writing and teaching. She is the author of Mysteries of the Dark, Delving into the Hidden Treasures of the Secret Place and the devotional journal, Transitioning from Famine to Fruitfulness, A 30 Day Journey into Fresh Hope.


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