Sprawling Fig Tree in Desert region

Yes, I Have No Figs

by Gina Napoli


“The seed will grow well, the vine will yield its fruit, the ground will produce its crops, and the heavens will drop their dew. I will give all these things as an inheritance to the remnant of this people”

(Zechariah 8:12, NIV).



In 1999, a man named Nino called and asked if I had any fresh figs to sell. My great-grandfather had sold figs and other fruits from the back of a produce truck in the 1920s. But local supermarkets had absorbed the family fruit business when my great-grandfather died in 1960. Nino just couldn’t believe that we closed down the fruit truck he had chased almost a generation before my birth. He believed those figs had such an exceptional quality that someone in the family must have maintained the tradition of growing them.

The Bible is filled with references to growing healthy food crops, and instructions on serving as good stewards of the land with which he has blessed us. The Lord entrusts us with sowing and reaping the earth to feed the nations physically as well as nourishing generations spiritually.

As writers, God calls us to feed his word to hungry souls. We can plant the seeds of the spiritual harvest we inherited from our families and Christian mentors in everything we write.

With nine children and dozens of grandchildren compounded over the generations, my great-grandfather cultivated more than figs. He raised his children to attend church, become baptized, and live their faith. Our grandparents passed this dedication to the Lord on to our parents, who shared the legacy with us. Even though no one stayed in the family fruit business, I have the opportunity to pass that same Christian foundation on to my children and grandchildren. And my writing audience.

Publishing, like family traditions and occupations, changes over time. But the world’s need for God’s love never ceases. Much like Nino, the world chases after things to bring them joy. May we dedicate ourselves and our writing to nurturing, planting, and sowing the words that will bring God’s message to all generations.


Lord, please guide us as we undertake your sacred mission to sow the seeds that will cultivate the next generations. Remind us that the quality of the seeds we sow – the words we use, the examples we set – will bear that quality of fruit in the generations ahead. May we encourage each other on our paths and be a blessing to each other in faith and strength. Amen.


Gina Napoli is a professional writer, full-time Mom, Christian, lifelong learner, and author of the book Clunk on the Head: How the Holy Spirit Got Our Attention. Christian publication credits include Pockets, Guardian Angel KidsChristian Devotions, Ruby for Women, The Secret Place, and Abba’s Answers. Over 300 of her pieces appear in 65 different print and electronic venues. http://www.ginanapoli.com

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