Scalding to Balding

by M.L. Anderson


“As for the man whose hair has fallen from his head, he is bald, but he is clean,”

(Leviticus 13:40, KJV).


As a rebellious kid, I disdained rules and advice. When I turned ten, I demanded a new hygienic practice. I no longer desired daily bathing in a tub of watery playtime grime. I decided to take showers, no matter the cost or objection.

My thrifty father imposed a rule on my showers. He threatened trouble for me if any steam traces remained on the bathroom mirror at the completion. So I constantly peeked out from the shower curtain to view the mirror, while adjusting the water temperature. Showering became complicated.

I rejoiced in high school when permitted to use the locker room after P.E. classes and shower with ultra-hot water. My modesty of standing naked in a huge room with other guys yielded to the freedom of showering with the faucets set wide open. I would bow my head just below the showerhead and feel the tremendous rush of water—the hotter the better—running down my noggin, muffling my ears. There were no dad decrees, so excess steam didn’t matter.

One day, a friend tried to give me advice. “You shouldn’t stand under the shower with the hot gushing all over your skull. You’ll go bald!” I ignored his advice and continued taking steamy showers at every opportunity.

A couple of years later, I went bald, right in the spot where the hot water collided with my cranium. Whether or not the scalding water caused my hair loss, the experience transformed me. I discovered the rejuvenation of a clean heart transcended my need for a hot shower. Instead of rejecting advice, I now consider the counsel of others and pray for wisdom.

With our writing, we can allow our rebellious nature to run unbridled. We may hurry, disregard writing rules, and ignore critique from fellow writers and mentors. We can forget to pray for counsel and refuse to follow the Lord’s guidance from others and his Spirit.

Yet our faithful God listens to our prayers. When we repent of our hardened hearts and mindsets, our clean souls can hear his response. The Lord will guide us in prayer and through the godly counsel on the journey to fulfill our place as writers.


Create in me a clean spirit, Lord, and allow me to be grateful even when you take things away, make me begin again, and listen to others trying to help me.


Michael Anderson is a contributing author to numerous anthologies and magazines. He has taught workshops at the Florida Christian Writers Conference and currently serves as the Lake County Chapter President of Word Weavers International. Mike co-founded the Christian Authors Guild and was awarded Lifetime Membership. His email is

3 thoughts on “Scalding to Balding by M.L. Anderson”

  1. Such a good devo challenge, Michael, to seek counsel before we act solely on our own thoughts! That is wise advice straight from the Good Book. When we do that we are using our heads for more than just growing hair😀 Smiley face took hot showers, too, it appears.

  2. Oh my, too much hot water! But about this post, I recall wisdom I heard when I first started and was a member of Christian Authors Guild. Turns out, those people with experience knew what they were talking about. There isn’t a fast path, rules need to be followed. At least most of the time. 😉

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