Christmas and the Message-Bearers

by Tina Yeager

“Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,

Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.’

… When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them”

(Luke 2:13-14,17-18, NIV).

Twelve scheduled Zooms, eleven social posts … and a pile of edits in a pear tree. I scan my calendar for a window of free time to listen for drummers drumming or pipers piping. Maybe I can carve out three days of festivities if I work ahead. While family and friends celebrate their upcoming vacation time, I sink deeper into the endless list of tasks a writer must face during this season. Christmas seems to offer itself as a holiday to everyone but the wordsmith.

Never one to humbug, I do adore the sparkles and balsam fragrances. The original Christmas story always stirs my spirit. I simply yearn for more moments to savor Noel with a side of cocoa. To avoid letting busyness steal my cheer, I push aside the overwhelm and pick up my Bible.

The second chapter of Luke reveals a story filled with more activity than vacation time. Herald angels performed a magnificent chorus. The divine hosts devoted the fullness of their energy to this occasion with radiance and song. The Lord’s holy choir inspired shepherds to take up a new mission. The herdsmen abandoned their night watch and hustled to see the dawn of the Messiah’s reign. After hastening to worship the newborn Christ child, these keepers of sacrificial lambs carried the word of life to the world.

Christmas, I now understand, began as a story of active message bearers. Those of us who find ourselves busy with the work of sharing the word dwell as much in the spirit of the holiday as those enjoying respite. Our one imperative remains to rejoice at this gift as we savor the opportunity to share the good news.


Lord, thank you for the gift of salvation wrapped in Jesus. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve as your message bearer. Fill my work and my celebration seasons with your words and the Spirit’s joy. Amen.


Tina Yeager
Tina Yeager

Award-winning author, speaker, LMHC, and life coach, Tina hosts the Flourish-Meant podcast and a YouTube channel. She serves as Director of Traditional Groups with Word Weavers International. Beautiful Warrior, her book on women’s esteem is available through New Hope Publishers. Look for Upcycled: Crafted for a Purpose from Bold Vision Books. To connect with her, visit

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