Hovering over Blank Pages

by Veronica E. Berry


“The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.

And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters”

(Genesis 1:2, NKJV).


I relish spending time with my granddaughters. They call me “Nana Bear.” Right before our bedtime story, we have a talent show. We sit on the couch and watch each other perform.

One evening, my eldest granddaughter played a masterpiece on the keyboard as she sang about her dad’s love for her and her sisters. Then my youngest granddaughter rapped her way to fame. With her sleepers on and her bonnet covering her freshly braided hair, she bounced up and down as she glided backward, chanting rhythmically, “Just write. Just write. You gotta write, Nana Bear. Just write.” On and on she sang, drilling the message home. “I know you love to do it. Don’t stop. Get right to it. Just write. Just write. Just write.”

She didn’t know how I struggled with my next writing project. Those words sung by a child proved golden. When I needed it most, God encouraged me through a song from a six-year-old to “Just write.” Once again, he inspired me when I felt empty.

Sometimes his spirit leads others to inspire us along this journey. He might pour blessings through a friend or loved one. God works on our behalf because our writing is a gift from him.

Just like God hovered over the waters in the beginning of time, he hovers over our blank pages to fill us with words of life. Trust in the greatest writer of all time, for when we have nothing to give, God’s spirit will speak to us.

Father, thank you for always reminding me you are with me as I seek to honor you through my writing. Help me continue to rely on you and never forget the words you give me are life to those who read them. Yes, I may feel wordless sometimes, but you are there to fill me up. Sometimes you move in unconventional ways. Thank you for inspiring me so I can write to bless others. Amen.



Veronica Berry is a Christian writer, speaker, and schoolteacher. She lives in Florida with her husband. They have three adult children and three beautiful granddaughters, and they’re patiently waiting for more.  Walking, reading, and playing with her grands brings her much joy. Find more inspiration on her website at www.VeronicaEBerry.com.









9 thoughts on “Hovering over Blank Pages”

  1. “Hovering over blank pages” When God can’t get through us, he will use children to bring a message across🙌
    “ write nana bear, don’t stop, get right at it, you know you love to write.” Thank God for children! 🙏 Very inspirational indeed!

  2. Let me tell you about my beautiful friend, Roni. She rises early but doesn’t stay up late nor does she eat the bread of sorrow. She’s an amazing friend with a heart of gold. She transfers her treasures to pages which become inspiration to others. I call her, “Teacher of The Year!” She shared a beautiful experience that occurred in her class where a student who did not know how to read learned… When the child was able to put it all together to read aloud, the child wept. The classmates clapped, wept and cheered for the student’s accomplishments. I wept as I heard the joy in her voice noting the child’s victory. That’s my friend, Veronica… the one who writes, inspires and makes dreams happen for others. That’s my friend, Roni….”Teacher of The Year!”

  3. After reading “Hovering over blank pages” was so inspiring to me. God certainly used the little one to speak to you. I’m so glad He did! ❤️

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