I Get It!

by Dr. Mel Tavares

“I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you”

(Psalm 32:8, NIV).


I’ve been in a season of searching for direction from the Lord, seeking which way to go with my writing and speaking. I pressed on for months, knowing the scriptures contain promises to instruct me and show me the way he wants me to go. But no answers came. I prayed, journaled, and sought wise counsel, yet had no sense of clarity from the Lord.

I needed to create a centralized message on which to build my platform. All of the experts recommend we identify our target audience and their needs, then weave those into the materials we write and speak. Over the past few years, my content has been diverse rather than specific. Attending seminars, webinars, and conferences confirmed my need to focus but I had no clarity.

As I boarded the plane for the last of the season’s five writing conferences, I reminded the Lord of his promise in Psalm 32:8. “Lord, you said you would instruct and teach me and counsel me in the way I should go. I am asking again that you reveal direction to me at this conference.”

On day three of the conference, the Lord met me during worship. In what seemed like an instant, he revealed his plan.

“I get it!” I repeated the phrase for the remainder of the week and continue to say it now.

The blurred vision is now clear, the broad scope became the narrow way, and I have his plan. Not my own agenda, which would be of the flesh, but his plan revealed by the Spirit at the proper time.

If you are praying for direction in your writing, asking the Lord to show you your target audience and the message he would have you deliver, I encourage you to keep seeking him. He will instruct, teach, and counsel you so that you too can shout “I get it!” and rejoice in the Lord’s faithfulness to keep his promises to you.

Lord, I pray you show me your plan. Instruct me, teach me, and counsel me that my message will be what you want written. Thank you for your faithfulness.


Mel is an award-winning author who writes for sites such as Inspiration.org, is a blogger, contributing author to several books and ghost-writer for church ministry leaders. Her works include a recent Top 100 Amazon Devotional  ‘Lessons From The River’. Mel loves coaching and equipping writers, founded a local ACW Chapter, and teaches at Writers Conferences.   Website: https://www.drmeltavares.com/

5 thoughts on “I Get It!”

  1. This fills me with so much hope. Like you, my platform looks and my vision full of astigmatism. I know God has a plan though, and I am waiting for my “I get it!” Thank you, Mel, for this encouragement! 💛💛💛

  2. I got the vision not so long ago and then I got stuck. You have reminded me of who my target audience is and the message that is to be delivered. Thank you, Dr. Mel, for igniting the fire and for your encouragement.

  3. I have an idea of who my audience will be, but it is still far too wide reaching. I def need more clarity of a narrowed down audience. I look forward to my own “I get it!” moment.

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