Cheering for the Team Win

by Tina Yeager


Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing”

(1 Thessalonians 5:11, NIV).


Warmed by powerful lighting through the award ceremony for the past two hours, every surface of the stage glowed. Dozens of writers had passed by the podium to accept recognition until one honor lingered on the table. The directors reserved their highest accolade like a special dessert.

With the space energized like red coals awaiting air to burst into flame, the co-directors described who had earned the lifetime achievement award. They defined her as a mentor and encourager who paved the way for other writers. Eva Marie Everson’s name lit the auditorium in a simultaneous, applause-kindling breath.

My hands and outcries failed to express my profound support in celebrating someone whose work equipped many of us to follow the call to write. I cheered even louder for this win, though I had sacrificed heartfelt praise for those who preceded her.

I had driven to the ceremony even though I had not entered my writing in the contest. My purpose that night centered on the win for the Lord’s team. Each award represented more than an individual’s achievement. When one writer stands in the light, we all shine together.

This truth resonated deeper than ever as I cheered for winners I loved like family. With some, I had shared insights, encouragement, and prayers. Others had shared these blessings with me.

As I praised God for recognizing a Christlike leader, the true success of a believer’s writing career shone clearer than ever. Messengers of Jesus win by honoring him with our character. More important than sales or publishing numbers, the light we share depends upon how we model the Lord’s nature in how we live out our calling.

When we link arms in loving support, God’s message reaches further. Writers spread the fire of grace faster when we breathe encouragement onto one another’s coals. Best of all, we fulfill the call of Jesus from John 13:35, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

We needn’t wait for a role as director or a list of publishing successes to offer support to others. Any of us can uplift a fellow writer. And we all have the Spirit to empower prayers for our team members. I’m thankful for every opportunity to cheer on the cause of our Lord by supporting those around me.

Lord, thank you for setting this lonely writer in a family of others sharing her call. Please keep us all unified in our hearts to serve you. Breathe your Spirit through us so we can strengthen one another. Amen.

Tina Yeager
Tina Yeager


Award-winning author, speaker, LMHC, and life coach, Tina hosts the Flourish-Meant podcast and a YouTube channel. She serves as head mentor with Word Weavers International. Beautiful Warrior, her book on women’s esteem is available through New Hope Publishers. Look for Upcycled: Crafted for a Purpose from Bold Vision Books. To connect with her, visit

4 thoughts on “Cheering for the Team Win”

  1. I so loved this, Tina.
    Developing the team spirit at writers’ conferences is so important, and called for In scripture.
    I too was there the night you write so beautifully about. Our little section in the back developed this team attitude., As one, we cheered on those around us who made the long walks to the stage. It energized the night and drew us close together as a group. We became part of something greater.
    Thank you so much for spurring us on in love and good deeds.

  2. Amen. We are all in this together and supporting one another is one of the blessings. Loved this post and I too cheered and jumped to my feet when they called Eva’s name. Such a special moment.

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