The Rock of a Writer’s Path

by Tina Yeager

“For who is God besides the Lord?
And who is the Rock except our God?
 It is God who arms me with strength
and keeps my way secure”

(Psalm 18:31-32, NIV)

As I hiked over icy trails, I didn’t trust my footing on the slick earth. I held onto trees and rocks to prevent a downfall. Sometimes the saplings bent and proved unreliable.  I almost fell, but a sturdy boulder steadied me.

Writing often leads us along a risky path, too. We sacrifice the well-salted roads of stable careers and lucrative jobs. The costs of building platform, maintaining websites, and traveling to network in the industry grow each year. At the same time, the slick road increases its pitch as we move forward with no guarantees toward achieving publication or sales goals.

I’ve grasped many alternatives in attempts to stabilize myself. I tried establishing side businesses and applied to jobs when the Lord advised against doing so. The willowy options beside the trail bent awry and failed. I nearly slipped off the path Christ set before me.

Yet every time I reach for Jesus, he affirms himself as my rock. He provides for my needs just in time, hemming me in so I won’t stray from my anointed purpose. Even when I stumble, he catches me before I fall into disaster.

He sometimes reaches to help me through others in the writing community. A hand up from someone in a position of strength might serve as Christ’s blessing to us both. I love to prayerfully receive divine grace wrapped in flesh.

Before I look aside for human branches of support, I need to seek my rock. Like stooping to hold onto a boulder on a hike, I’ll need to humble myself in prayer to listen for Christ’s voice. The Lord offers me the secure wisdom to know how to proceed. Whether to accept a particular offer or persist on the trail without it.

No other means of support will ever compare to the reliability of Christ. I’ve tried too many times to trust my own strength. I now realize only Jesus can empower me on this journey.

Savior, thank you for remaining my rock. I’m so grateful I can trust you to guide and secure me on this risky journey. Please continue to provide me with the wisdom, resources, and community you know I need to fulfill the purpose you planned for my writing journey. Amen.


Tina Yeager
Tina Yeager

Award-winning author, speaker, licensed counselor, and life coach, Tina encourages audiences to fulfill their potential. Her 10-week, ten-minutes-a-day Subdue Stress and Anxiety course features 15 expert presenters. She offers writing workshops through Serious Writer Academy, hosts the Flourish-Meant podcast, and is head mentor with Word Weavers International. Check out Beautiful Warrior, her book on women’s esteem, and connect with at


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