From His Mouth

by Yeny Maria Rowley


“For the Lord gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding”

(Proverbs 2:6, NIV).


My daughter loves learning about different animals on YouTube videos. Because of this exposure, she favors one particular stuffed animal in her possession who she affectionately calls “Hippo.”

Last January 2017, we found out that a real baby hippopotamus, Fiona, was born six weeks prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo. While still a newborn, staff members took the tiny hippopotamus from her mother, Bibi. This way they were able to provide 24-hour attention, including feeding the infant a bottle of her mother’s milk.

Months later, when Fiona was ready for solid food, they had Bibi prechew some hay before feeding it to Fiona in order to inoculate herself. With this process, Fiona developed a healthy gut flora, which resulted in a strong immune system.

By that October, Fiona was reunited with her mother. When Bibi saw her baby girl, she got down on the ground and offered her entire opened mouth for her calf’s exploration. Fiona instinctively walked straight into her mother’s extensive mouth to nibble and to connect with her. At one point, Fiona had the entire front half of her body inside Bibi’s mouth.

The first book of Revelations tells us that John was taken to heaven in the Spirit. Coming out of God’s mouth, he saw a sharp, double-edged sword. God instructed him with a loud voice to write what he had seen. The sword represents God’s Word.

Like Bibi’s hay-inoculated Fiona, God’s Word inoculates the writer who dives deeply into his mouth to graze on knowledge and understanding. His Word helps us build immunity against discouragement. It also helps us gain strength, stand against the schemes of the devil, connect with our Creator, and write what he instructs us.

Let us walk straight into our Father’s mouth, via the Bible—for his words are sweeter than honey on our lips (Psalm 119:103).

Thank you, Father, for nourishing us with your Word so that we may live to answer your call as writers. We crave your statutes for they are our delight and our counselors. Help us to move from the milk of your Word to your solid food and thus reach maturity to discern good and evil in our path. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Born in Mexico, award-winning author, Yeny Maria Rowley, moved to the U.S.A. over twenty
years ago. Her relocation challenges revived her relationship with God and are the impetus for
her English-Spanish devotions seeking to bridge generational and cross-cultural gaps. She relates
Jesus to everything from fine flour to black sand to encourage writers, women, and immigrants.
Yeny lives in central Florida with her husband and two children.

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