Not My Vineyard

by Christy Bass Adams


“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones”

(Proverbs 14:30, NIV).

My mind turned this week to the infamous King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. At the onset of one of his many horrible deeds, Ahab gazed at his neighbor Naboth’s vineyard with envious desire. The king offered him another vineyard in exchange. Naboth wanted to keep his familial land, so he refused the king’s request. What did Ahab do? He went home, threw himself on his bed, and pouted. He had a royal pity party.

Does that sound familiar? Boy, I could see myself in Ahab. Here I am working hard, chasing this writing dream. Everywhere I look others seem more successful with growing platforms, but little ole me, I’m still in a holding pattern with no forward momentum. It would be very easy to go home, throw myself on the bed, and have my own pity party. And I almost did.

But King Ahab’s story reminds me it’s not my vineyard. When God opens doors in the lives of those around me, it’s in his timing, not theirs. Or mine. He makes success happen. He is growing their crops. And their vineyard is a calling I can never fill.

As a result of Ahab’s pity party, Jezebel plotted to murder Naboth so she could acquire the vineyard for the king by underhanded means. Her evil plan worked, and Ahab got what he wanted. But as a result, it brought the promise of death on him and his entire household. Ahab believed expanding his property would bring satisfaction to his life, but it brought death instead. Because it was never his vineyard.

God has given each of us our own plots. Some vineyards grow faster while others develop fruit over longer periods of time. Either way, we must remain true to our call. Instead of comparing growth and success, we can faithfully tend the soil and maintain our Father’s land. In time, we will reap a harvest. But if we spend our time seeking another’s vineyard, ours will never get the attention needed to bear fruit.

We serve our purpose best when we encourage our productive fellow writers. Become their cheerleaders and promoters. Leave the jealousy and coveting out of the picture. Because their vineyard was never ours for the taking. We have our own tending to do.

God, teach me to tend my own vineyard, wholeheartedly, not comparing myself to others.


© Christy Bass Adams, 2021


Christy Bass Adams is the Outreach and Connections Coordinator at Fellowship Baptist Church in Madison, Florida. Weekly she pens an inspirational column in Greene Publishing and her devotions can be found at,, and She is also a wife and mother to two busy boys and loves her dirt road, country life. For more, visit her blog:

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