We Are Not Alone

by Veronica V. Sutherland


“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you”

(1 Peter 5: 7, NIV).


My autistic daughter always stands behind me in the kitchen. Her proximity makes it impossible to turn around without bumping into her. She observes my actions, anticipates my next move, and provides utensils and ingredients as I will need them. She does this with no verbal exchange. This reminds me of our relationship with God.

Sometimes I feel all alone, as if no one cares. Other times my writing is slow because I have experienced a hurt or loss of a loved one, possessions, or pride.

People may avoid me or curse me, but I am not alone. No matter how low I sink, how deep I am hurt, how lonesome it gets, or how dry my inspiration becomes, I am not alone.

The devil tries his trickery with lies such as “no one cares about you,” “it is every man for himself,” or “no one really cares about your writing.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The Most High God has already anticipated our need and dispatched his agents to help us. We must only reach out to God for them to work. God’s unconditional love is available. We cannot sink too low or rise too high to escape his love. He gives it freely, no questions asked. He responds through his Holy Spirit, angels, or other people.

When you are feeling low and getting off track with your projects, call on God. He will answer and give you what you need to be inspired in that moment so you can soar as the eagles.


Heavenly Father, you are an awesome God. We are grateful for your constant presence, provision, piloting, and protection. Help us focus on your promises, allowing them to inspire us to keep writing, knowing that you are less than a whisper away. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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Veronica V. Sutherland is a Christian author, speaker, and coach who is passionate about
helping busy Christian women find joy and peace in their relationship with God and others.
Her devotional “Talking Daily With God” is nominated in the 2021 Author Elite Awards,
Religious category.
Veronica may be contacted at: veronica_sutherland@veronicavsutherland.com or

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