Value Versus Volume

by Alice H. Murray


“But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents”

(Mark 12:42, NIV).


My head drooped. My shoulders sagged. My posture screamed discouragement as I read about platform building on my laptop. The more I learned about being successful, the more it seemed I had to focus on connecting with as many people as possible. And I thought writing was all about words, not numbers.

In frustration, I turned to my weekly blog, wondering which current event should be my subject. I needed something to attract lots of readers, but I felt drawn to a topic that I doubted would capture much interest. Who would care about a contentious presidential election in west Africa that might result in violence? Unwilling to let the idea go, however, I set to work.

My post failed to garner many hits. No surprise. As far as numbers, the piece was a dud. But for God’s purposes, that writing may have been my most significant yet.

One reader’s comment alerted me to my blog’s impact. She realized her church supported missionaries in that country and contacted her pastor about the political upheaval. No one at the church had been aware their overseas workers might be in harm’s way. So the church leaders reached out to inform them of the church at home praying for their safety and greatly encouraged these people.

Had I opted for a more popular topic certain to engage more readers, this outcome would not have occurred. While my blog didn’t tally impressive numbers, my message was important in God’s kingdom.

The story of the widow’s mite can encourage us as Christian writers who seek visibility. Her contribution might have appeared insignificant to observers due to its low number. But her offering pleased God because true assessment indicated her deep love for him. Similarly, God isn’t focused on how big our platform is, but on the worth our words have for his kingdom. To the Lord, value trumps volume. True success means our writing has merit in God’s sight.

Lord, help me to recognize your approval isn’t a numbers game. Let my aim be to produce words of benefit for you. Amen.


Alice H. Murray is a lawyer by profession and a writer by passion. She writes a weekly blog
(, is a staff writer for, and has written
articles for legal, literary, and missions magazines and her local paper. Alice’s work has been
published in a Chicken Soup For the Soul book and in several Short And Sweet compilation

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