It’s Your Turn

by Del Bates


“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart”

(Gal 6:9, NKJV).

Writing is like anything in life; practice makes perfect.

Year after year, I struggled to master the craft. I wrote blogs and attended local critique groups.  Then a friend helped me discover writer’s conferences.

The joy of meeting other writers made the event feel like an author’s heaven. I tried to attend two a year, so I could network with others and glean from classes offered. After a while, I realized the value of submitting my work in every contest I was qualified to enter.

Oh, the sound of my name called from the stage filled me with excitement.  The memorable snapshot beside the conference director while holding up my prize added to the thrill. Although contests proved rewarding, I wanted more —a contract.

Then, one morning I received a call.

“Del, are you sitting down?” my agent asked. “I think I have some good news for you. I have received a contract for your book.”

Wahoo! Finally. I was so excited I did not even think to ask which book they wanted. All I knew was somebody had considered my work worthy of publication. Although I’d watched others and supported the birth of their books, it was my turn.

At the last writer’s conference I attended, a fellow author wrapped an around my shoulder and said, “Del, next year I do believe it’ll be your turn. We will be here in the same place celebrating your book.”

As others have encouraged me along this journey, may I encourage you? I speak to all those who’ve endured rejections. To all those who suffer sleepless nights staring at that white screen while others peacefully sleep the night away, and say, “Don’t give up!”

God’s timing is perfect. Nothing we do unto the Lord is wasted. Just as the Lord used a fellow author to remind me not to get weary while doing good, I share that word with you. And as you keep on keeping on, one day, you too will hear the long-awaited words, “I have a contract for you!”

Dear Lord, help me today not to get weary in well-doing. I know that what I am doing is for you. Please help me to stay on the path and not give up but keep writing for you! Amen.




Del Bates is an author, speaker, and an encouragement to many. She is the co-president of Treasure Coast Word Weavers and Administrative Assistant to Sherry Anderson, the State Leader, Aglow International. She has self-published two books and her new book Walking In a Minefield, is due out soon. She and her husband are snowbirds with three grown children and five grandbabies.

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