A Mountain Called ‘So Much Yet to Learn’

by Elise Kay


“A person can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in their own toil”

(Ecclesiastes 2:24, NIV).


I struggle with many things as a developing writer: the craft, business aspects, freelancing discipline, and what to write. With so many ideas, deciding how to express them overwhelms me. And despite hours at the keyboard, I have no guarantee the writing will reflect good quality. While I write and edit, I need to believe my time investment will produce value or I won’t make the sacrifice.

Several times in Ecclesiastes, the author concludes that satisfying work is a gift from God. A joyful report! While quantifying the results of my efforts lies in the future, remembering the words of Ecclesiastes refreshes me.

These affirmations serve as God’s sunshine to illuminate our writing dreams. He gives us words to comfort and uplift us at the base of the daunting mountain called ‘So Much Yet to Learn.’

Recognizing God’s hand in our work allows us freedom to take the time to explore different styles and genres.  We can even give thanks for our toddler steps of composition. God blesses our desk as a sacred place. Whether we are beginners or more advanced. No matter the distance that remains on our challenging paths.

Our loving God fashioned us to find satisfaction in this work. How rewarding is the truth that validates our pursuit of it.


Father, you promise to grant us joy in our occupations all the days of our lives. Thank you that you speak about and see our work, your gift to each of us. I remember this as I sit at my desk and give you my anxious thoughts. I pray for your gift of joy as I pursue this craft. In Jesus’ name.



Elise Kay enjoys her new home state, Florida, especially recreation time outdoors, where she
finds inspiration for life and for writing. She has published selections in The One Year
Devotional of Joy and Laughter, edited sermons, a local history, and written for capital campaign
prospectus. She enjoys supporting ministries by providing development writing and support.

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