Lost and Found

by Jan Powell


“I have gone astray like a lost sheep; Seek Your servant, For I do not forget Your commandments”

(Psalm119:176 NASB).


Following Jesus is a lifelong journey. As a writer, part of my time is devoted learning to write well for his glory. At various points I’ve gone in the wrong direction and ended up in the ditch of discouragement.  I’ve also stalled and have been unproductive at times in my writer’s journey.

What does your off-track experience feel like?

John Newton’s words describing our salvation: “I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see,” lasted long after his earthly life.  They remind me of my detours where I’ve drifted into the darkness of writers’ block.

I’ve had health, work, and family issues, create obstacles in my writing path. I’ve postponed writing time to address problems only to awaken realizing passion and discipline trickled away overnight. My words tasted more like sawdust than a succulent feast.  Instead of a surge of creative energy, I was drawn to binge reading or watching a Netflix series.

We all have our favorite detours from the discipline of writing whether it’s napping, gaming, movies or books. Some of us succumb to the distraction of shopping.  Others with dry wells inside throw themselves into housework or yard-work. What escape do you choose?

I first need to return to Jesus.  My lost writing condition reflects my relationship with Him. Additionally, I need to build community with other writers.  Life, like writing, has both individual and community components. Our Father taught us we need others.

I’ve learned to use reliable methods for getting on track. Reading the Bible is always a good start. Sometimes singing praise songs helps. A long walk or a conversation with a friend can reignite us. We can pray for ourselves and others.  We can ask for prayer. Like the well-known Nike slogan—Just do it! We follow the tried and true maxim—butt in chair. We sit. We write.

In the end, our writing is not about us.  It’s about glorifying the Lord. If we note the acknowledgment pages of well-known authors, we’ll see the flock of people who were part of their success. As we renew our passion, we fulfill our calling with God and with each other.


Dear Father, who restores each lost-sheep-writer, thank You for getting me back on Your path again. Amen.




Jan Powell, a graduate of the University of South Florida has two small businesses. Through Writing with You, she offers writing services: editing, rewriting, coaching and ghost writing for fiction and non-fiction. She loves to help polish manuscripts for others. She has been published in The Wordsmith Journal and Splickety Magazine.

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