Do You Want to Write?

by Deena Adams

“When Jesus saw him and knew he had been ill for a long time, he asked him, ‘Would you like to get well?’”

(John 5:6, NLT)


My three-year-old grandson lives with a severe form of cerebral palsy, and my heart breaks that he will likely never walk, talk, or live a “normal life.” I’d do just about anything to see his precious body healed. If he suffers thirty-eight years, like the man in our focal passage, and someone asks if he wants to get well, I daresay his answer would be a resounding “Yes!” Mine certainly would be.


Rather than give Jesus an immediate “yes,” the sick man listed every reason he couldn’t get well. I can’t … there’s no one to help me into the pool … when I try to get there, someone else always goes in ahead of me.


Jesus was greater than the man’s excuses. He simply told him, “Stand up, pick up your sleeping mat, and walk!” (vs. 8)


One minute this man lay sick and hopeless. The next, he stood healed and filled with hope. Notice Jesus didn’t heal him by helping him into the pool, the method the man expected to be the answer to his wholeness. Jesus’ means of healing weren’t even on the man’s radar.


Think about your writing journey. What if Jesus were to ask, “Do you want to write?” Would you give an immediate “yes,” or would you list the reasons you should just give up? I can’t do it… I have no mentor, no one to help me learn the craft… I had a great book idea, but someone else beat me to it.


Consider the possibility Jesus may use your writing in a different way than you expect. His plan may not even be on your radar.


Maybe you’ve been at this writing thing for thirty-eight years, or even longer, with no tangible results. We must answer Jesus’s question—Do you want to write?


If, like me, your answer is “yes,” let’s stop making excuses, and sit down, pick up our pens, and write!


Lord Jesus, thank you for the desire to write for your glory. Help me lay down my excuses and pick up my pen. Give me your wisdom to put words on the page that come from you. Infuse your words into the hearts of readers. Use whatever means you deem necessary, even if it’s not on my radar. Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to make a difference through the written word. Amen.




Deena incorporates her love of the written word, thirty years as a Christ-follower, and thirty-seven years as a Navy/pastor’s wife into life-changing stories and devotions. She is an active member of ACFW and second place winner of the 2019 Foundations Contest for Women’s Contemporary Fiction. Connect with Deena at and

5 thoughts on “Do You Want to Write?”

  1. I know that God uses you and your words for His glory. You are such an inspiration to so many. Praise God.

  2. Hi Deena, I am so glad you want to write, so do I . I want to encourage you not to quit I have several times but that’s another story. lol I am eighty and love writing mysteries and suspence. My first novel is about the prodigal son with a twist. He leaves home with only the clothes on his back. . Titled Murder came to Tea. I know as a pastors wife you can feel overwhelmed there are so many needs and you can only meet the one;s God tells you to meet. God will never fail you He’s your daddy go sit on His lap and let Him kiss away your fears of not being or doing enough. I subscribed to your blog .
    Blessings Marlene

    1. Thank you all for your encouraging words. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner, but I received no notifications anyone had made comments. I pray you are blessed abundantly as you continue to serve God with your writing, or whatever endeavors He leads you to.

  3. Just the story and prayer that I needed! Many of us procrastinators know what to do and just need the excuses to be challenged with an undeniable valid response–“Quityourbellyaching! Just write!”

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