His Hand upon Me

by Maria Rowley


 “’All this,’ said David, [to his son Solomon], ‘the Lord made me understand in writing, by His hand upon me, all the works of these plans’”

(1 Chronicles 28:19, NKJV).


My son showed interest in pencils even before pre-K. He watched one roll off the table, then rushed to examine its color and shape.

He plopped on the floor determined to use his new tool. I directed him to a piece of paper, wrapped his little hand in mine then gently placed his fingers around the pencil.

He pulled from my grip and pushed the tip onto the piece of paper. The lead broke.  I quickly grabbed another pencil. This time, he allowed me to place his fingers around the new pencil with the right grip. With my hand wrapped around his, I led him to “write” on the paper.  The results brought a light to his little face. We bonded over our traces as we worked together.

Imagine the hand of the Lord placed upon David’s while he drew out the plans for the temple. David told his son that it was the Lord who gave him the understanding to create those early blueprints.

When we follow our plans, we resist the Lord’s grip on us. Many times, we ask God to bless our endeavors, without checking if they fit with His intentions for us.

As we write, we need to believe that the Lord’s hand is upon ours. When we follow his guidance He gives us understanding of the details.


Father, help me bond with you. I choose to be obedient and keep my hand under yours as you gently guide me through the tracing of my writing. I thank you for your Word that promises me you will not leave me nor forsake me, until I have finished all the work for the service of your house, my Father, in Jesus’ name, Amen.


Maria Rowley is originally from Mexico and has lived in the US for over twenty years. She’s a wife and mother of two children and has taught elementary school Spanish. Maria enjoys writing personal essays and meditations. She is working on a book of bilingual devotionals in Ocala, FL.  Contact her at mariarowley40@yahoo.com

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  1. “ His hand upon me” was a beautiful devotion to read with my Monday morning coffee. As a writer, I love the encouragement and fellowship found on this website. I feel like it is a gift from God and it whispers his encouragement into my life. Thank you for providing this special resource for Christian writers.

    Connie Cobb

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