When Other Writers Succeed

by Tina Yeager


“May we shout for joy over your victory
and lift up our banners in the name of our God”

(Psalm 20:5).


After my first writers’ award ceremony thirteen years ago, I spent the final night in my room stifling tears of disappointment and shame. I wrestled with envy, wondering why others deserved all the accolades.

Who were these people?

Soon, the stench of my jealous thoughts turned my stomach. I proceeded to condemn myself for ever expecting to win Writer of the Year.

Who did I think I was?

The enemy had succeeded in attacking me with the twin heads of his self-centered dragon. Pride chomped at me from one side and shame from the other. For several years of my writing journey, I battled the selfish monster and his ugly offspring of envy, impatience, and self-denigration. Despite my intention of serving God, I hung my hope on specific outcomes and compared myself with other writers.

The Holy Spirit guided me to the Lord’s champions. Those who defeated those sinister monsters followed Christ’s model of serving one purpose together. Successful authors, intermediate writers, and beginners demonstrated the beautiful concept of shared victory.

The scales fell from my eyes as I witnessed the power of writers in community. When one Christian author succeeds, the message of Christ triumphs. We rejoice in one another’s blessings because the true victory, which belongs only to Jesus, is one we all share. The Lord wins when his message is served, not when I focus on my own honor (or lack thereof).

Though I have won awards since that first conference, I now understand the accolades aren’t mine to hold. I have no interest in letting the enemy distract my thoughts with self-centeredness and thereby derail the Lord’s message again. From now on, when any writer succeeds, I am prepared to shout with joy for Christ’s sake.

King and Savior, I’m forever grateful for your patience and mercy. Thank you for rescuing me, both from the enemy’s schemes and my own self-centeredness. Please continue to guide me and protect my heart from temptation. Anoint all who champion your message and bring glory to your worthy name. Amen.




Award-winning author, speaker, and licensed therapist, Tina offers messages of encouragement. Beautiful Warrior, releasing July 2019 (pre-orders available now), champions women’s significance. She enjoys writing nonfiction and speculative fiction while coaching online clients. Tina mentors four chapters in four states with Word Weavers International. Come visit her for a virtual cup of java at tinayeager.com.

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