For a Generation to Come

by Nicole Schrader


“Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that a people yet to be created may praise the LORD”

(Psalm 102:18 ESV).

My parents divorced when I was very young, and I grew up primarily with my mother. I spent weekends and vacations with Dad, but cancer stole him away from me in my early adult years. When someone you love is gone, every note, photo, and even piece of clothing becomes precious. After Dad’s death, I rummaged through my collection of photos and cards and realized I didn’t have one letter from him – not one word to me.


When my children were born, I decided they would have letters from me – lots of them. I filled baby books, made photo albums, and kept an annual journal. I want them to know my love and prayers for them while recording evidence of God’s faithfulness to us.


No surprise then, that I loved this verse in Psalms the moment I read it this morning.


Consider for a moment, the generation yet to be created – perhaps Generation AA. These children will grow up in a world unfamiliar to us. Yet through our craft as writers, we have an opportunity to use our words to communicate the character of God in all its beauty and diversity to them. What a tremendous privilege.


Upon deeper reflection, we also have a great responsibility. If the Lord’s praise is the goal, we must know him ourselves and seek him for inspiration. We can do all things with Him, but apart from God, we can do nothing of any lasting value (John 15:5). Writing is not simply our vocation, it’s our calling from God.


Thank you, Lord, for speaking to us through the Bible. You’ve given us the unique privilege to use our words to motivate a future generation to praise your name. Give us inspiration and guidance as we dedicate our writing to you. We are awed by your presence and calling in our lives. Enable us to honor you well. Amen.




Nicole Schrader is an author and blogger. As a homeschooling mom, she discovered a passion for writing as she taught her children to write. Schrader loves writing for children and looks forward to reading with her grandchildren. She writes a website for parents,, and a devotional blog, at Visit her sites for inspiration and encouragement!


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  1. Thanks for the beautiful reminder of one of the best ways we can use our gift. I lost my dad at age 12 and those mementos are treasures. Although I have no letters from him, he always sang “You Are My Sunshine” to his three girls. I can’t hear the song now without remembering his happy heart and his love for us.

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