Overcoming Obstacles in Our Writing Race

by Crystal Storms


“You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised”

(Hebrews 10:36, NIV).

By design, obstacle courses include challenging features to increase the difficulty of the race. These twists and turns create exciting opportunities for athletes to grow.

I’ve found writing comes with its own set of obstacles, making the call of writing more daunting than expected. These stumbling blocks can detour me from my call or strengthen me as I overcome them.

I want to share with you three common hurdles in our writing races and tips to overcome them.

Three Obstacles to Finishing Our Writing Races:

Delays. I felt the call on my heart to write in 2011. I’ve been writing and rewriting that first book idea ever since. During this delay, I have received valuable critique from fellow writers, agents, and publishers. Applying their advice has smoothed my book’s rough edges.

Disappointments. The rejections have piled up. The No Response stack is even higher. But in the face of disappointment, I remember that God didn’t call me to publish a book. He called me to write the message He placed in my heart.

Distractions. Life often gets in the way of writing. Distractions can unravel the creative process.  Even the business of writing can pull me away from crafting my message. Pursuing those shiny objects leads me down a never-ending path of discontentment. I can strive to achieve all the world has to offer, or only a few things. In my busyness I often overlook the one thing that satisfies—Jesus. (Luke 10:42a, NIV).

Persevering through delays allows me to hone my craft. Persevering through disappointments centers me on God’s call to write, not publish a book. Persevering through distractions helps me remember God hasn’t commissioned me to do everything. I must choose His best as I persevere to do His will.


Lord, help me to choose Your best. By Your grace strengthen me to overcome the obstacles that come against me and walk in the truth that You are with me and for me. In Jesus’ precious Name, Amen.




With a heart to encourage, Crystal Storms writes with the purpose of drawing women’s hearts to God. She is a Jesus girl, award-winning author, and artist. Married to her best friend for twenty-three years, Tim and Crystal live in Florida with their sweet Yorkie, Minnie. Learn more at CrystalStorms.me.


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