Keep Writing…To the Glory of God


by Cindy Perkins


“I brought glory to you here on earth by completing the work you gave me to do”

(John 17:4, NLT).


I have a constant longing in my heart to write. But sometimes the fear of the critique of others stops me from writing, even to the point of creating sleepless nights. I’m certain I cannot be the only one who lives in this place of longing.

Little can offer true peace when my heart stirs me to toss and turn. While other forms of comfort would fail, the passage in John 17:1-5  provides reliable encouragement.

In verse 4, Jesus says, “I have brought you glory here on earth by completing the work you gave me to do” (John 17:4, NLT). Jesus knew what God had called Him out of heaven to do. Despite the unparalleled burden of an immense message to deliver in the face of tremendous criticism, Christ completed His God-given purpose.

If Christ surrendered Himself to work for the glory of God, we created beings have all the more cause to serve Him. And the Savior grants us His honor us as we obey His call to serve. He said of His disciples, “I have given them the glory that you gave me” (John 17:22, NLT). As believers, the glory we experience comes from knowing God–the one true God–through Jesus Christ. We no longer need to worry about the criticism of other people.

Finishing my life’s work was never meant to hinge upon fear or human approval. As Christ modeled for me, it’s all about honoring God. Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and God-given authority, as well as our eternal life in the Father–all points back to His glory.

As a writer, God has called me for a specific purpose. He has given me words to say, based on the experiences in my life. If I don’t complete the writing tasks God has given me to do, I might avoid criticism. But I’ll lose any chance of my work honoring the Lord. If I write with confidence and conviction, my life and my writing can bring glory to God.

How can you honor the Lord through your writing? Consider your unique voice and the message He urges you to share. Keep writing and bring glory to God.

Father, please give us words to share with Your people. Then give us the courage to put them on paper and share them with others. Amen.





Cindy Perkins is a pastor, adjunct professor, author, and speaker. Cindy has been married to her husband, Larry, since 1975, and they have two grown children. Cindy loves Jesus, and is passionate about helping others, especially women, be all God created them to be through discipleship.

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  1. Cindy, thank you so much for your encouragement to my heart today. It came a day after some of my writing was turned down and I was tempted to quit writing. But you brought out in such a great way how we need to seek to honor God and not seek approval from men. So good. Such a great reminder…it was a message from God giving me confirmation to keep writing! Thanks n God bless you for sharing! ❤

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