Remedy for Discouragement

by Dena Yohe


“Look to the Lord and His strength, seek His face always. Remember the wonders He has done”

Psalm 105:4-5a, NIV


Do you get discouraged like I do? One dreary fall day I was discouraged with my writing progress, or lack thereof. During my morning devotions I read Psalm 105 and discovered a wonderful remedy to overcome discouragement. Five simple words: look to God and remember.

“Look to the Lord” (v.4).

When we look to God, we can persevere with our writing goals—even when we struggle with writer’s block. If we’ve been given a message to proclaim, a redemptive story to tell, or a challenge to deliver, we must turn to Jesus and seek His strength. Bring Him our weariness, and remember what He’s done. Then we’ll receive divine help to press on in our challenging journey. All we need comes from Him.

“Remember the wonders He has done” (v.4).

Next, to overcome discouragement, we need to look back and remember. Bring to mind what God’s already done in our lives. Take time to reflect. Reminisce. Think about His countless blessings, loving kindness, and answered prayers. The gift of our salvation alone is reason enough to praise the Lord for all eternity. Our hearts could overflow with endless gratitude for the innumerable ways our Savior has demonstrated His goodness and mercy.

“Seek His face always” (v. 4).

This verse urges us to seek the Lord every day. When things are going well and when they aren’t—today, tomorrow, and next year. All the time. Forever.

We’re encouraged to persist in looking to God. Pursue Him no matter how great our discouragement. Carry on with our writing, honing our craft, improving our skills, expanding our platform. When we draw near with faith we won’t be sorry.

When I look to the Lord and remember what He’s done, it helps me overcome discouragement—with writing and with many other challenges in life. May the words of admonition from Psalm 105 help you too.


God of mercy and strength, the next time I’m discouraged with my writing or anything else, help me look to You. Then look back and remember what You have done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.





Dena Yohe is the award-winning author of You Are Not Alone: Hope for Hurting Parents of Troubled Kids (2017) endorsed by Dr. James Dobson, Family Life, and Focus on the Family. Co-founder of Hope for Hurting Parents, blogger, CRU affiliate staff, and a former pastor’s wife, she’s the proud mom of three adults, loves music, and time with her grandchildren.

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