The Hand: Mysteries of Purpose

by Tina Yeager

“Suddenly the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall, near the lampstand in the royal palace … the God who holds in his hand your life and all your ways … sent the hand that wrote the inscription.”

Daniel 5:5, 23-24


A hollow ache fills my chest as I type meager earnings into the tax worksheet. Haunting questions gust in with my next breath.

Why am I still writing? Who does this crazy work with no tangible direction or end? How can I justify this career in words which costs more than I might ever earn?

I click on the job listings once again. Shame urges me to relieve the pressure on my family budget.

As I seek a “real” job, a tap niggles at my soul’s right shoulder. Whispers tickle into my mind. The Spirit’s still, small voice reminds me of the answers to my haunting doubts. God holds the why, who, and how of His call. He reaffirms my purpose:  I am the hand God has sent.

I click out of the job ads. Drop to my knees. And pray to my ultimate Employer.

The Lord alone defines my profession. Though He has led me to salaried work during past seasons, He has outlined my current career as full-time writing. In no uncertain terms. On several occasions. Whether the means of compensation remain indirect, God reserves the authority to employ me as His instrument.

I can either pursue a “real” job against His will or embrace my divine assignment.

So I choose to accept the job as His hand. On paper it makes no more sense than a disembodied apparition writing riddles on a wall. But I would rather balance pointed questions with divine answers than attempt to shield myself with paper-thin, humanistic solutions. I would rather expect divine reward as God’s crazy writer than multiply income on my spreadsheets while dividing my purpose. I would rather wrap my reason for working in His mystery than live a sensible life stripped of the joys from working on faith.

I will be His who, with His how, for His why. And trust Him to solve the riddles I don’t need to answer on my own.

Creator and Provider, thank You for shaping me as Your instrument. Guide my hand to write and my soul to rest secure in Your loving, perfect will. Amen.





Award-winning author, speaker, and licensed therapist, Tina’s passion is to offer encouragement through spoken and written messages. She enjoys writing nonfiction and speculative fiction while coaching online clients through Divine Encouragement, LLC. Tina mentors five chapters in four states with Word Weavers International. Come visit her for a virtual cup of java at and


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  1. Great word, Tina. It does haunt me on occasions when we are so strapped financially…”Just why am I doing this?” I appreciate your authenticity. Eternal rewards await those who persevere, paycheck or no paycheck 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your encouraging feedback, Mary. May the Lord drench you with unexpected blessings of all sorts :)!

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